Otto Poticha

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Professor of Practice
Phone: 541-686-9466
Office: 210 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene

Throughout his career, Otto P. Poticha FAIA, has consistently been recognized for his contributions to the local/regional/national architectural profession and the architectural education community.

Over the past 59 years as a UO associate professor and adjunct professor, he has shared his design and practice skills and experience with over 3750 students. Many of these students have become successfully recognized practicing architects throughout the United States and abroad. Teaching, sharing, demonstrating and demanding excellence has been his primary focus. He continues to challenge young minds to think broadly and independently, to take risks, and to learn by taking those risks. Poticha’s research, publications, papers, and academic pursuits, are his work. These experiences become the textbook that he brings to his teaching. He offers students his insight, experiences, and talent. His teaching extends to all levels; his students, his community, architect colleagues, and faculty colleagues.

Poticha has made an indelible mark on his hometown of Eugene, Oregon, by designing noteworthy projects and using those and the works of others as a vehicle to inform and educate his students and the public about architecture. His teaching extends beyond the university by educating his community to strive for excellence in their built environment. His method of teaching citizens about planning and architecture is to constantly counsel, write, offer opinions, and lecture.

Poticha has been appointed and continues to serve on the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) curriculum review committee, which evaluates and comments on other Universities’ curriculum and course content for accreditation. For ten years, Poticha has been the State of Oregon’s combined educator and practitioner AIA-IDP coordinator. He continues to share his experiences and findings with IDP and ARE candidates, the AIA, NCARB, at the National level.

Poticha’s firm has been awarded over 50 American Institute of Architects (AIA) design awards and his work is frequently published in National architectural journals. He is licensed to practice architecture in 12 states and has completed projects in 15 states, Japan, England, Brazil, Dominica, the Netherlands, and Chile.