Michael Geffel

Profile picture of Michael Geffel
Professor of Practice
Program Manager / Overlook Field School
Office: 214 Lawrence Hall
Research Interests: Field experiment, novel ecosystems, adaptive management, landscape infrastructure, landscapes on structure, public space, urban design

Michael Geffel (terrestrial practice) is a registered landscape architect, professor of practice at the University of Oregon, and program manager of the Overlook Field School. With design research broadly focused on experimental landscapes, Michael’s principal method of study uses field exploration and temporary installation to explore how landscape design can adapt to social and ecological processes over time. This expertise is reflected in his approach to pedagogy, which emphasizes direct material exploration to connect students with the landscape medium.

Prior to joining the UO, Michael practiced professionally in the Pacific Northwest, New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and SE Asia, with experience working on public urban landscapes, landscapes on structure, green infrastructure, and regional planning. This experience builds on a previous career in horticulture, restoration ecology, and landscape construction, which culminated in the founding of a design/build. He has been published in Landscape Journal, LA+, Kerb, and Scenario Journal, and his field experiments have been featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine, Places Journal, and the Ambiguous Territory Symposium.