Nonmajors: Explore the School of Architecture & Environment

Undecided About Your Major?

Nearly one third of incoming students are undecided about a major, so you are not alone. You can find ways to explore the School of Architecture & Environment here.

Study with us and experience the range of disciplines in the School of Architecture & Environment. We offer degrees in nationally ranked, accredited programs with expertise in sustainable cities, healthy communities, architectural history, and more. Some of our academic programs have rolling admissions and welcome students each term, while others require students to apply specifically to the program. Visit the department or program's website for more information.

Take a General Education or Open Elective Course for Nonmajors

These are just a few of the School of Architecture & Environment courses you can take as a nonmajor. For additional courses, follow the links to each program.


ARCH 201. Introduction to Architecture (4 Credits): Offers a structure of principles for making places for people. Examines places, design procedures, and the use of architectural principles in general. Current UO students interested in applying to the major should take this course fall term and contact the department’s advising staff for more information.

Interior Architecture

IARC 204. Understanding Contemporary Interiors (4 Credits): Introduction to the theory of interior architecture. Design criteria explored through illustrated lectures and projects involving analysis of space. Current UO students interested in applying to the major should take this course fall term.

Historic Preservation

AAAP 120. University of Oregon: Preservation and Place (4 Credits): Study of the University of Oregon’s historic physical environment as understood through the lens of historic preservation and complementary disciplines.

Landscape Architecture

LA 260 Understanding Landscapes (4 Credits): Learn how to perceive, describe, and explain landscapes as environmental sets, biophysical processes, and cultural values.

* Abbreviations after course descriptions indicate which general education or elective requirement a course meets.

General Education/Elective Categories

Abbreviation Description
A&L Group-satisfying course, arts and letters
SSC Group-satisfying course, social sciences
AC Multicultural course, American cultures
IP Multicultural course, identity, pluralism, and tolerance
IC Multicultural course, international cultures