Lecture Series Archive

2020 Lecture Series

Albina Rebuilding Cornerstones: Art & Community Development Roundtable Discussion

This roundtable takes on questions of community development through the lenses of art, architecture, and activism, with a particular focus on Portland’s Albina neighborhood. Once the home to a majority Black population, organizations like Albina Vision Trust are working to rebuild the community after decades of urban renewal and demolition. The roundtable also serves to share otherwise inaccessible expertise and practical, applicable insights, resources, and strategies gleaned from the personal and professional experience of our invited panelists in an effort to support local on-going work in Albina.

Gabrielle Bullock, Principal, Director of Global Diversity, Perkins & Will, Los Angeles
Lauren Hood, Detroit-based Community Developer and Equity Facilitator
Alanna Joy McCreary, Albina artist and resident
Winta Yohannes, Managing Director, Albina Vision Trust

Fall 2020 Lectures

The fall term lecture series “c/o” or “care of” captures current work at the intersections of architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, and historic preservation with a focus on taking particular care of living and material environments during this period of upheaval. Lecture programs will be released on Mondays for streaming anytime by School of Architecture & Environment students, faculty, and friends. Please see @uoarchenv on Instagram to engage.

c/o Time

Hiroto Kobayashi and Naomi Maki, Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop, Berkeley/Tokyo, Japan
Anupama Kundoo, Anupama Kundoo Architects, Berlin/Pondicherry, India
Moderator: Hajo Neis, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture


c/o Production

Kenneth I. Helphand Endowed Lecture

Alison B. Hirsch, Landscape Architecture + Urbanism, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Willow Lung-Amam, Urban Studies and Planning, University of Maryland, College Park
Moderator: David Buckley Borden, Visiting Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture


c/o Material

Nina Maritz, Visiting Faculty Fellow in Design for Spatial Justice, UO School of Architecture & Environment, Windhoek, Namibia
Sean Connelly, After Oceanic, Honolulu, Hawai'i
Logman Arja, Visiting Faculty Fellow in Design for Spatial Justice, UO School of Architecture & Environment, Berkeley
Moderator: Alison Kwok, FAIA, Professor, Department of Architecture


c/o Threshold

Anne Cunningham, Walsh Professor in Interior Architecture
Clayton Taylor, West of West, Portland
Moderator: Kristin Kelsey, Department of Architecture and Signal Architecture + Research, Seattle


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