School of Architecture & Environment News

Urbanism Next Director Joins KGW 8 to Talk Autonomous Vehicles

Urbanism Next Director and the School of Architecture & Environment Professor of Architecture, Nico Larco, joined KGW 8 to discuss the center's latest guide to help cities understand how to best roll autonomous vehicles out on their roads.

Yekang Ko Receives 2024 CELA Award for Excellence in Service Learning

The Department of Landscape Architecture in the School of Architecture & Environment has reason to celebrate the 2024 Annual Award Winners announcement from the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA). Associate Professor and Interim-Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Landscape Architecture, Yekang Ko, was one of only thirteen award winners, and one of two from the department to be picked from a competitive list of 56 applicants.

Urbanism Next Director Talks with OPB's "Think Out Loud" About Planning for Autonomous Vehicles

Urbanism Next Director and School of Architecture & Environment Professor, Nico Larco, went on Oregon Public Broadcast's "Think Out Loud" to discuss the organization's latest guide aimed at community leaders to help navigate the questions and issues with integrating autonomous vehicles. In addition to the guide, Larco shared insights and implications concerning the rise of autonomous vehicles.

Urbanism Next Expert Featured in Axios Article on the "Donut Effect"

Director of Urbanism Next and Architecture faculty, Nico Larco, was featured in an Axios Article on the so-called "donut effect," a new dynamic shaping US cities with a hollow urban core as more and more individuals and businesses relocate to the suburbs and exurbs. Larco joins other expert commentary reflecting on and explaining this relatively new phenomenon and what cities can do to combat the new trend.

Biden-Harris Administration Designates PNW Mass Timber Tech Hub

The Pacific Northwest Mass Timber Tech Hub (PNW Mass Timber Tech Hub), led by Oregon State University, aims to be a global leader in mass timber design and manufacturing to lower the construction industry’s carbon footprint and increasing housing affordability. The College of Design is celebrating the designation by the EDA as the college and its partners look to reinforce our expertise in the field of mass timber.

New Tenure Track Faculty Position in LArch: Urban Ecological Justice

The Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor in Urban Ecological Justice. It is well-documented that disadvantaged communities have significantly less access to clean water, healthy food, moderated microclimates, sanitation, secure shelter, flood control, waste collection, air quality, parks, urban wildlife, and natural beauty.

Landscape Architecture Now Designated as a STEM Discipline by US Government

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designated landscape architecture as a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degree program. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) advocated for the designation and has more news about this important development.

University of Oregon: Perfectly situated for architecture students to thrive

Why choose the School of Architecture & Environment at the University of Oregon? Situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the US, about 48% of the state of Oregon is covered in forest, with 115,000 miles of rivers, 363 miles of scenic coastline, and 24 mountain peaks over 8,200 feet. Both the Eugene and Portland campuses are immersed in their local landscapes, giving a unique opportunity for students to interact with and respond to their surrounding nature and built environment as if it were a living laboratory.

President Biden Announces UO Architecture Alumna to Key Appointment

On June 16, the Biden administration announced their intent to appoint a few individuals to boards and commissions and one of the appointments was University of Oregon Masters of Architecture (MArch '15) alumna, Olivia Asuncion, AIA.