Studio Learning

What is a studio?

studio space

A studio is a unique classroom space where students can work with materials, tools, and supplies to create design projects in a workshop environment. Each student has a work area or table for his or her projects. Lockers or storage areas are provided. There is often a critique or pin-up area for reviews of work in process and a large table for group discussions.

Studio teaching is a unique pedagogical approach to instruction in the arts and design. The small class size of 15 to 20 students gives you personalized instruction and the opportunity to build your network of friends and colleagues. It involves the class working on an assigned design problem and each individual reviewing and modifying concepts before resolving a final design solution. This is called an iterative process and is a core component of studio teaching. Design thinking is a fundamental element in the creative process and studio instruction provides students with opportunities to develop this skill.

Students in a studio space