School of Architecture & Environment Lecture Series

Spring 2023 Lecture Series

Lecture Series for Spring


HOPES [28] Conference

April 21 at 5 pm

The HOPES Conference (Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability) was established in 1994 by UO architecture, landscape architecture and art students eager to direct their design education. Each year, HOPES provides a platform for students, professionals, leaders and activists to engage in rich discussion on sustainable solutions to contemporary issues.

BEYOND US is the title of this year’s conference, which explores the concept of transpecies design, a non-human centered approach to regenerating, restoring, reinvigorating, and replenishing the natural environment. Rather than designing for only human needs, this approach seeks to find solutions that benefit both native species and humans. And to venture beyond us is to unearth the unseen practice of our disjointed natures and reimagine solutions in which to care for and thrive together.

Events will take place in Eugene, OR on April 21st-23rd 2023 and will also be live-streamed.

Winter 2023 Lecture Series

Lecture Series graphic from UOARCH.

Past Lectures

Past Future Possible Worlds: Architecture, Science Fiction, and Television in the 1970s

Lecture by John McMorrough
February 1 at 5 pm

Architecture builds on the past (the processes of its formation) to construct the present. Science Fiction extrapolates the now (the issues of its times) to elaborate the future. In their grainy transmissions, not real but not entirely imaginary, the possible worlds of science fiction architecture on television in the 1970s attempt to leave earth's problems, but ultimately cannot escape the gravity of circumstance –foreshadowing contemporary conundrums regarding technology, environment, and identity.

From UO Architecture to WeWork IPO:  An Extraordinary Journey

Lecture by Miguel McKelvey 
January 11 at 5 pm

Miguel McKelvey, UO architecture school graduate and co-founder of WeWork, joins us to share how his experience in architecture school empowered his entrepreneurial journey and set him on a path to create one of the most well-known companies in the world. Join us to learn how WeWork built hundreds of locations around the world, and about his experience building a multi-billion dollar company.


Michel Rojkind UOARCH Lecture Series

Community is Now.

Lecture by Michel Rojkind 
January 18 at 5 pm

Michel Rojkind of Rojkind Arquitectos will be taking us through some of their projects spanning over two decades, while reflecting on their role and responsibilities of architects and designers, but most importantly as human beings.

Rojkind was born in Mexico City, where he studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1989-1994). In 2002 he founded Rojkind Arquitectos to explore new challenges addressing contemporary society, to design compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality, and to connect the intricacies of each project at a deeper level.

He has been a visiting professor at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles, at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IACC) in Barcelona, and at the University of Pennsylvania, PennDesign (UPenn) in Philadelphia.


lecture series from Landscape Architecture

My FLO is Cooler than Yours

Lecture by Marc Miller, Penn State, President of the Black Landscape Architects Network
January 20 at 4 pm

DEI speaker series funded by the McKeown lecture series. His talk is titled My FLO is Cooler than Yours. It highlights ongoing speculation challenging the role of heroes in landscape history. Inspired by contemporary representations of people and landscapes in television, and driven by contemporary visual media the series asks the simple question “what if” of one the profession's most cherished historic figures.

Marc Miller is an Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at Penn State with degrees in Design, Fine Arts and Art History. His teaching and research interests range from reconsidering how Landscape history is made to be more inclusive to landscape speculation through speculation and world-building.


Lecture by Beebe Skidmore Architects
January 23 at 5 pm

A first look at four quirky projects currently under (or almost under) construction, designed for a variety of urban and rural parcels. We are exploring variations on a theme: how to not take up too much space, while still aspiring for dynamic shapes and sequences.