Profile picture of Ignacio Lopez Buson

Ignacio Lopez Buson

Assistant Professor
Office: 214 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Computational Design, Generative Design, Digital Fabrication, Landscape Urbanism, Urban Design, GIS, Remote Sensing, Drones, Climate Change

Ignacio Lopez Buson is a Spanish architect, landscape architect (OR), and urban designer with international professional experience across Europe, Asia, and the USA. He is principal and co-founder of MAPS (Methods for the Architecture of Patterns and Systems), a research initiative specializing in design innovations for the integration of human and natural systems at all scales.

Ignacio is an expert on teaching methodology based on the merging of Geographic Information System (GIS) and computational generative design. He has led courses and international workshops related to landscape and urbanism, including teaching and guest critic positions at the London-based Architectural Association (AA), the AA Visiting School Program (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xixinan and Guatemala), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Tongji University in Shanghai, and the Boston Architectural College (BAC) in the United States.

As Assistant Professor in Climate Change Resilience at UO, Ignacio’s work focuses on the multidisciplinary applications of emergent technologies and computational tools for the development of green infrastructure on insular geographies across the globe. Ignacio is investigating how vulnerable territories like islands can adopt comprehensive large-scale, nature-based urbanization strategies to both preserve ecological resources and mitigate upcoming climate-change-related challenges.