Landscape Architecture Faculty

Jacques Abelman

Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-3884
Office: 211 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Social Justice, Landscape Infrastructure, Food Systems, Agroecology, Research Through Design, Urban Agriculture

David Buckley Borden

Visiting Professor
Phone: 6175965245
Office: Lawrence – LA 381
City: Eugene

Xin Cao

Courtesy Associate Professor
Phone: 541-658-9989
Office: 382A Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Heritage Conservation; Landscape Conservation; Cultural Landscape; Landscape Planning & Design

Liska Chan

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-2899
Office: 198 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Invisible landscapes, mapping, land art, landscape perception

Arica Duhrkoop-Galas

Senior Instructor I
Landscape Architect
Phone: 541-346-3634
Office: 212 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: plants, climate resilience

Mark R. Eischeid

Assistant Professor
Director, Graduate Studies and PhD Program
Phone: 541-346-3834
Office: 216 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: 20th and 21st century American design and art, critical aesthetics, design historiography and pedagogy, critical practice in art/design

Chris Enright

Senior Lecturer I
Phone: 541-346-1417
Office: 130 Hendricks Hall

Michael Geffel

Professor of Practice
Program Manager / Overlook Field School
Office: 214 Lawrence Hall
Research Interests: Field experiment, novel ecosystems, adaptive management, landscape infrastructure, landscapes on structure, public space, urban design

Mark Gillem

Phone: 510-551-8065
Office: 372 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Urban Design, Participatory Design, Sustainable Design

Bart Johnson

Phone: 541-346-2235
Office: 209 Pacific Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Climate Change Adaptation Planning, Sustainable & Resilient Urban Ecosystems, Ecological Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation

Harper Keeler

Senior Instructor I
Director of the Urban Farm Program
Office: 212Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Civic Agriculture, Local Food Systems, Food Equity

Yekang Ko

Associate Professor
Director, Undergraduate Studies (BLA); Director, APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Program
Phone: 541-346-3863
Office: 213 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: urban sustainability, energy landscapes, green infrastructure planning, climate-responsive urban design, climate change planning

Jun Hak Lee

Courtesy Research Associate
Phone: 541-346-2687
Office: 232 Pacific Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Spatial data analysis, Remote sensing, LiDAR, Distributed environmental sensors, Environmental data visualization

Whitey Lueck

Career Instructor
Phone: 541-684-8716
City: Eugene

Adrian Parr

Dean, College of Design
Professor, Planning, Public Policy and Management; Associated Faculty, History of Art and Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Office: Lawrence Hall
Research Interests: contemporary art, cultural studies, art & architectural theory, environmental theory

Rob Ribe

Director of the MLA Program and Former Director of The Institute for a Sustainable Environment
Phone: 541-346-3648
Office: 476D Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene

Kory Russel

Assistant Professor
Office: 215 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Water, Sanitation, Container-Based Sanitation, Informal Settlements

Brad Stangeland

Career Instructor
Phone: 541-484-7367
Office: 230 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene

Roxi Thoren

Department Head, Landscape Architecture
Phone: 541-346-3641
Office: 229 Lawrence Hall
City: Eugene
Research Interests: Productive landscapes, Agriculture, Forestry, Design with animals, Cultural identity and place, Memory work, Landscape theory