Kory Russel

Assistant Professor
Landscape Architecture
Research Interests:
Water, Sanitation, Container-Based Sanitation, Informal Settlements
Office: 215 Lawrence Hall

BS, 2003; MES, 2005, Taylor University; MS, 2013, Ph.D.,2019, in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

Kory C. Russel is an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon. Kory teaches courses on sustainable and human-centered design, courses on water, sanitation and public health, as well as course in Environmental Studies. His primary research focuses on planning, designing, and implementing sustainable water and sanitation (WASH) services in low- and middle-income countries. He currently services as the Chair of the Container Based Santiation Alliance (CBSA). He has conducted extensive research internationally including in Haiti and Mozambique. He also spent 3 years in Mozambique serving as a Peace Corps volunteer.

His other research interest include: 

Resource Recovery and Reuse from Waste Streams: Creating green space in low income urban settings; Reuse of graywater and recovered nutrients; cost effective design and implementation strategies, monitoring of nutrient cycling

Sustainable Delivery of Waste Services in Urban Settings: Container-Based Sanitation Service development; Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedure creation and research, application of implementation science principles.

Development and Analysis of Entrepreneurial-Based Service Delivery in Low-Income Settings: Testing various methods for the provision of essential services using market-based models; design methods for the creation of new models

Caloric Costs of Water Fetching: Measurement of caloric energy costs; research into alternative estimation methods; using caloric measurements to improve cost-benefit analysis of water interventions;

Additional websites:

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