About the Historic Preservation Program

The Master of Science in Historic Preservation is based at the University of Oregon in Portland's award-winning White Stag Block. The city of Portland's long standing commitment to sustainability, adaptive reuse, and preservation of historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes, and districts makes this an exciting opportunity for you to live and work in this active preservation community.

Our program focuses on research in the field of preservation theory and practice, concentrating on the cultural, historical, technological, and environmental factors that shape our world. We are excited to work with the next generation of cultural heritage professionals in the research and practice of sustainable historic preservation, and other leading issues that define the field of heritage conservation today.

Our Historic Preservation Program combines broad cultural concerns with a technical emphasis. We pay close attention to historic places, buildings, and landscapes for their specific forms, materials, construction, and use. We address the cultural and theoretical context in which they were developed as well as the impact of time upon their materials, meanings, and needs and emphasize the technologies, interpretations, and means for sustaining the presence of historic places in the future.

Graduates of our Historic Preservation Program are employed in preservation-related fields, such as:

  • private sector specialists in architectural firms or consultants
  • public sector municipal planning departments, state historic preservation offices, state or national parks, or federal cultural resources divisions
  • nonprofit agencies
  • preservation and restoration

For more information about HP graduates, see the Alumni Spotlight page