Historic Preservation Alumni Spotlight

The Historic Preservation program prepares students for careers in cultural resource management, heritage conservation, community development, design and other associated work. Growth in these fields have led to high demand for a next generation of preservation professionals. Our graduates find work in state historic preservation offices and transportation departments, state park and recreation agencies, local government planning departments, the National Park Service, the Forest Service and other federal agencies, as well as with state and local non-profits, and private architecture, engineering, and planning firms.

Carin Carlson

Carin Carlson's Work - The Montana Capitol Building
AIA/LEED Green Associate
Principal, Historical Architect
Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc.


Carin completed her BArch at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she participated in an exchange year at the Washington-Alexandria Architectural Center, performing historical research and producing drawings for a Historic American Building Survey. Knowing she was interested in pursuing historic preservation, she attended the University of Oregon because of its focus on hands-on fieldwork. The Pacific Northwest Field School, coursework offered across multiple disciplines within the College of Design, and local practitioners as adjunct-faculty teaching project-based courses contributed to her decision to attend UO. After graduating, she accepted an entry-level position with an architecture firm in the Bay Area focused on historic rehabilitation, preservation planning, architectural history, and conservation. She is now a licensed Historical Architect and Principal providing leadership for Hennebery Eddy Architects’ Historic Resources Group with offices in Portland, Bend, and Bozeman, Montana. In her current role, she provides historic resource documents, condition assessments, stewardship documents, and architectural services across a broad spectrum of historic building types and clients throughout the West, Alaska, and mountain regions.

“I took a special studies course that brought together students from the Historic Preservation, Planning, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture programs to plan and execute a condition assessment for a 1920s hydro-electric company town in Three Lynx, Oregon. Getting to work with a diverse group of people, travel to a real site, carry out a project, and produce a guidance document was invaluable experience and exciting to be a part of!”

Grant Crosby 

Grant Crosby headshot
Sr. Historical Architect
National Park Service, Interior Region 11 - Alaska


Grant was studying History at Lewis & Clark College when Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham suggested he consider the field of Historic Preservation. After attending the first Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School at Peter French Round Barn, Grant applied to the University of Oregon’s HP program where he pursued an MArch alongside an MS in Historic Preservation. During his summer internship, Grant worked with the National Park Service in Alaska preparing Historic American Engineering Record drawings. After graduating, he took a Historical Architect position for the Alaska Region’s National Register Team, after learning about the role from his internship supervisor, and he has worked for NPS for the last 21 years.

“I attribute my fortuitous career with NPS to "Right Place, Right Time" but owe a lot of gratitude to Steve Beckham, Lisa Burcham, Don Peting and my former supervisor, Steve Peterson (also a UO grad), for steering (and keeping) me on the right path.”

Holly Borth 

Photo of Holly Borth and her work
Built Environment Compliance Reviewer
Washington Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation


After earning her BA in Public History, Holly Borth moved back to Portland, where she was born, to study Historic Preservation at UO. She was drawn to field-based coursework which allowed her to work outside and hone her ability to successfully survey buildings and identify materials. In her current role working for the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation for Washington State, she relies on skills gained during her studies at UO including Architectural History, Survey and Inventory, and National Register which offered her key skills for a successful career in cultural resource management.

“I will never forget the 10-day camping session at Roose Homestead for the 2011 field school. […] The most memorable parts were hammering in down pouring rain, learning how to chop cedar shingles, and gaining arm muscles!”


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