Historic Preservation Faculty

Our faculty are nationally recognized for their innovation in environmental sustainability research in the design of buildings, landscapes, and communities. Learn more about our faculty by reading their profiles (click on names below) or browsing the Guide to Faculty Research.

Chad Randl

Art DeMuro Assistant Professor
Phone: 607-319-9004
Office: 70 NW Couch St.
City: Portland

Larissa Rudnicki

Pro Tem Instructor
Oregon Department of Transportation, Architectural historian
Phone: 541-346-2982
Office: 265 Lawrence Hall
Research Interests: Advocate for mobile homes, bowling alleys, roller-skating rinks, mimetic architecture, and dingbat buildings, in addition to unraveling the true origin(s) of cribbage.

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

Associate Dean for Research; Director, School of Architecture & Environment; Interim Department Head, Historic Preservation; Professor
Institute for Health in the Built Environment (IHBE) Director, Energy Studies Building Lab (ESBL) Director, Biology of the Built Environment (BioBE) Co-director
Phone: 541-346-5647
Office: ESBL
City: Eugene
Research Interests: integrated design principles, daylighting, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, indoor microbiology, acoustics