Historic Preservation Courses for Nonmajors

Try a course in Historic Preservation. You don't need to be a declared major to explore this fascinating field. 

AAAP 410 Fundamentals of Historic Preservation, 3 credits

Current topics of American building construction and architecture from a preservation perspective.

AAAP 410 Sense of Place: Oregon, 3 credits

Designed to help students understand the physical landscape in Oregon and build a skill set around discerning the forms, functions, and patterns in Oregon’s built environment.

AAAP 415 Transportation and Preservation, 3 credits

Learn about Oregon’s, and the nation’s, transportation history, networks, and roadside influence and the connection between preservation and transportation.

AAAP 445 Preservation Economics, 3 credits

Economics of historic preservation and the financial techniques and incentives used to rehabilitate historic properties in the United States, including adaptive reuse and redevelopment economics.

AAAP 451 Historic Survey and Inventory Methods, 3 credits

Examines how historic inventories help communities plan for wise use of historic resources.