Department of Interior Architecture

The Department of Interior Architecture offers a robust interior design curriculum. Students can choose from accredited professional degrees at the undergraduate or graduate level.

We provide opportunities for students to act as independent problem solvers and to collaborate with peers and professionals as valuable team members, working on complex and dynamic projects. Students get to work on design and research strategies to revitalize, reuse, and adapt buildings to resonate with users and provide uplifting, healthy, and sustainable interior environments.

Our programs are nationally recognized for their innovation in environmental sustainability research.

Collaborative and Creative Community

wooden table

students collaborate on project

We emphasize collaboration in a noncompetitive but rigorous learning environment. We encourage a supportive studio culture, including constructive reviews from peers and visiting professionals as well as teamwork. The department doesn't dictate a specific design aesthetic or ideology for you to follow. Instead, we encourage intellectual inquiry as the basis from which you forge your own design path.

The Student Experience

Our graduates are broadly educated designers who attain leadership positions in the US and abroad. We are dedicated to recognizing designers’ accountability for their impact on environmental, social, and cultural systems. We nurture future professionals by involving students in faculty research, internships, and mentoring relationships throughout the program. Our student organizations assume leadership roles in developing extracurricular programs and providing community service.

Hands-on Environment

classroom demonstration

critique of student-made benches at Berberini exhibit

student presents work during critique

Architectural education centers on the design studio, in which you’ll learn through hands-on experience. Students enrolled in studios are assigned their own workstation within a space dedicated to their studio group and available for use at flexible hours. Students often work together in courses and as collaborators with faculty members in research investigations through independent study courses. Our studios also take you outside the classroom, giving you hands-on research experience and opportunities to get involved in the community.

Faculty and reviewers, who are professionals in the field, review studio work using individualized discussions and written assessment rather than a traditional letter-grading system, so students can receive specific and constructive feedback about their work.

Enrich Your Academic Experience

Our degree programs offer students the flexibility to explore other programs in the College of Design, including but not limited to Architecture, Product Design, and the History of Art and Architecture. We encourage undergraduates to minor in another subject, and graduate students have the option to earn a concurrent degree (in architecture) or specialization.

Students can participate in focused Interior Architecture/Architecture study abroad opportunities in Italy, Denmark, Japan, and Finland.

Cultivating a forum for dialogue and networking opportunities between students and professionals practicing ecological and sustainable design, the student-led Ecological Design Center hosts the HOPES (Holistic Opportunities for Planet Earth Sustainability) Conference each spring. Collaborations with other programs within the College of Design provide opportunities to engage in explorations that involve architecture, landscape architecture, planning, historic preservation, product design, art, and the history of art and architecture.

Take the Next Step

Visiting the UO is one of the best ways to learn about us. Participate in UO's campus visit programs—Duck Days in the spring or Duck Preview in the fall—to tour facilities, see campus, and meet with faculty members or schedule a tour anytime.

Success Story

Nicole Epple

Nicole Epple, studying in the School of Architecture & Environment, won the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society of Oregon's James C. Garber Scholarship for her luminaire design. Epple designed the lamp in her Media for Design Development class, taught by Architecture Department Head and Professor Nancy Cheng.

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Our Bachelor of Interior Architecture (BIArch) and Master of Interior Architecture (MIArch) programs are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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