Apply for a Master of Landscape Architecture

  • Application Available for Summer Admission: September 15, for the following academic year
  • Priority Application Deadline: January 15
    Late applications are accepted on a space-available basis, through May 1.
  • Departmental Application Fee: $35 USD
  • Application Decision: Decision letters will be emailed the first week of March or shortly thereafter.

(Note: If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the following business day.)

Degree Info: Master of Landscape Architecture

Applications for the First-Professional and Post-Professional degrees consist of two parts: the UO Graduate School application and the Department of Landscape Architecture SlideRoom application. Our department needs a complete application before the MLA application committee can consider it.

Apply to the University of Oregon Graduate School

UO Graduate School Admission Requirements

Apply to the University of Oregon Graduate School via GradWeb. Please apply to the term based on your first or post-professional status. The Graduate School offers graduate application fee waivers for applicants who meet specific criteria, as outlined on the Grad School’s UO application fee waiver page.

UO Graduate School: Apply Now via GradWeb

Apply to the Department of Landscape Architecture

Apply to the Department of Landscape Architecture via SlideRoom. The SlideRoom application saves your application as you work, so you may login and update as necessary until you are ready to submit. Once you submit, you will not be able to edit your application. For questions on completing the SlideRoom application, or to contact the SlideRoom technical support team, see the SlideRoom FAQs.

Landscape Architecture: Apply via SlideRoom

Required application elements include:

1. Application Questions:

Please refer to the departmental application to view these questions. The questions include standard student contact and background information, as well as a personal statement describing your interest and background in landscape architecture.

2. Writing sample:

Show evidence of critical thinking in a research context. This can be:

  • A research paper
  • A technical report
  • A critical scholarship essay
  • Other academic-related writing

3. Résumé

4. Transcripts and degree certificates (PDFs):

Upload a PDF copy of all of your transcripts and degree.

5. English Language Proficiency Competency Scores and Score Reports for Non-Native English Speakers

6. Portfolio:

The purpose of the portfolio is to provide a sense of your creative potential, scholarship and professional work related to your interests in landscape architecture.

Please provide documentation of relevant prior work, such as, but not limited to:

  • Drawings or paintings
  • Images of sculpture, ceramics or textile work
  • Design drawings or renderings
  • Creative photography or photographs of your built work
  • Professional reports or brochures
  • Poetry or short stories

Consider the portfolio itself as a demonstration of your graphic and organizational abilities. If useful, you may wish to include titles or short annotations. Clarity is paramount.

7. Three letters of recommendation:

Two letters must come from academic sources. Recommenders will automatically receive an e-mail inviting them to login and complete the reference requirement through the SlideRoom application.

Program Deposit

Once admitted to the program, a deposit of $500 will be required of all incoming students.


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Questions: For questions about the program or for more information, please contact us at or 541-346-1740.