Historic Preservation Program Workspaces and Tools

White Stag Block

Our students use space in the White Stag Block and have access to shops and labs in nearby spaces. The building features state-of-the-art technology, light-filled workspaces, a curated art and design library, and exhibition areas.

PDX Fabrication Lab Tools & Equipment

The Fabrication Lab in the White Stag Building is used as a prototyping space and a digital fabrication facility for students at the UO in Portland. In the Fab Lab and woodshop, shop personnel guide students in woodworking, model-building, and safety procedures. Students can create experimental prototypes and combine high-tech digital modeling with traditional craft processes. The following tools and spaces are available for use:


During operating hours, the woodshop is accessible without appointment. Patrons must complete the basic safety orientation before working in the facility. A variety of hand and power tools are available to use within the facility, but patrons must supply their own consumables (e.g. materials, fasteners, adhesives, tape, sanding paper, etc.). Equipment is not available to be checked out and may only be used within the shop.

Spray Booth

The spray booth is located near the entrance to the woodshop and remains accessible at all hours.

34>Laser Cutting

The laser cutters may be used by appointment only.