Graduate Certificates

Certificate in Technical Teaching in Architecture

This program is designed for students interested in the integration of technical building and engineering information with the design education process. Students who pursue this certificate typically focus their research on curriculum, tools, and strategies for teaching, and concentrate on structural design, construction materials and processes, or environmental control systems.

Ecological Design Certificate

The Ecological Design Certificate is a design-based, interdisciplinary program focused on the development of a practical framework for the integration of the built environment with local and region specific natural systems.

Other Certificates

The Department of the History of Art and Architecture offers two certificates: one in Museum Studies and one in New Media & Culture.

The School of Planning, Public Policy and Management offers a certificate in Nonprofit Management.

All students pursuing graduate certificates along with their graduate degree programs must complete the Declaration of Graduate Certificate form. It must be submitted to the Graduate School within one term after admission to the certificate program. The School of Architecture & Environment Manager of Student Services can assist students in signing and sending this form to the Graduate School. Visit the Graduate School Academic Forms page to download the Declaration of Graduate Certificate form.