Department of Interior Architecture Graduate Funding

Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Funding Resources

There are many ways to fund your education. The application process, deadlines, and special requirements vary with each funding source. We recommend that all domestic students apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Grants, loans, work study, graduate employment (GE), and some scholarships are available.

Cost Information

For information to help you estimate tuition costs, visit: UO Tuition Costs. Once there, select your status from the drop-down menus as either resident or non-resident and undergraduate or graduate along with the program you're interested in noted in parentheses.

Division of Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities

The UO Division of Graduate Studies offers several funding options, including fellowships and scholarships.

Graduate Student Employment

PhD Students

For each incoming doctoral student, the department will provide a minimum of two academic years of graduate student employment (GE), which includes tuition and fee waivers, a stipend, and health insurance. Funding typically continues through the fourth year, contingent upon satisfactory progress. Students may also teach and participate in ongoing research.

Master's Students

The department typically offers 5 or fewer Graduate Employee (GE) positions per year to these students. Positions include recurring positions to assist faculty with teaching courses, as well as research and administrative positions when available. Positions are advertised in winter term for the coming academic year, and during the school year as the need arises. Both entering and returning graduate students are eligible to apply for these positions. Some of our students have been awarded GE positions outside the College of Design, such as in biology and environmental studies. You can find university-wide GE opportunities through the Division of Graduate Studies.

Funding Resources

Tuition Remission Awards

The majority of our departmental graduate funding is reserved for currently enrolled students. Departmental tuition remission awards for incoming students do not require a separate application but are determined upon recommendation of the review committee with the approval of the department head. You can expect the School of Architecture & Environment Finance staff ( to send notifications out approximately one month after admission notifications have been emailed.

Tuition remission support awarded at the time of admission provides financial support that is prorated per term beginning with the first term of admittance. The prorated amount reduces the amount of tuition in the term the tuition is billed. Summer admits can expect to see their tuition remission award beginning with their first term of admittance through spring term of the following academic year (summer, fall, winter, and spring). Fall admits can expect to see their tuition remission award beginning with their first term of admittance through spring term of the following academic year (fall, winter, and spring).

Tuition remission awards will only be applied to terms that students are enrolled at the UO as architecture or interior architecture majors. Students are not eligible to receive their tuition remission awards when they are not enrolled (on-leave, withdrawn from the program, etc.). Students who are awarded a tuition remission award are expected to make satisfactory academic progress and to be in good academic standing with the Division of Graduate Studies and the Department of Interior Architecture. This annual award will be renewed in the same amount for the second year of the program, assuming strong academic performance on your part and active contributions to your cohort and center.

Students who receive a graduate employee (GE) appointment receive a GE tuition remission only for the term(s) of the GE appointment(s). The Department of Interior Architecture tuition remission award given at the time of admission will not be in effect during the term(s) of the GE appointment and cannot be applied to any other academic term.

It is the student’s responsibility to report the awarding and duration of any graduate employee position to the Department of Interior Architecture at the time it is awarded. Any changes to the timing or program will result in a re-evaluation of tuition remission awards and may affect your tuition award amount. Withdrawing from the program at any time during the academic year will result in the loss of a tuition remission award.

Students who defer admission and apply to the program the following year will not have their departmental tuition remission award carried forward to future architecture/interior architecture applications.

Direct your questions about tuition remission awards to the School of Architecture & Environment finance staff at

University of Oregon Scholarships

International Students

A number of scholarships are available for international students who are enrolled at the UO. Visit International Student and Scholar Services for more information.

Native American Tribe Members

Future Stewards

The UO Division of Graduate Studies' Future Stewards Program provides up to two years (six regular terms in fall, winter, spring) of tuition support for new or continuing graduate students in masters or doctoral programs. Candidates must be enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe of Oregon or a ;Native American tribe that had traditional and customary tribal boundaries in parts of the state of Oregon or that ceded or reserved lands within the state of Oregon.


The Ecotrust Scholarship supports undergraduate and graduate Native students who have an interest in environmental issues and attend the University of Oregon. Multiple scholarships will be awarded, ranging between $2,000 and $4,000. Awards are based on financial need and the applicant’s demonstration of their interest in supporting environmental issues within Native communities.


The UO's Office of the Dean of Students offers several scholarships to members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including one to attend the Creating Change conference.

College of Design Scholarships

Scholarships in the College of Design are open for application by students who are enrolled majors within any of our disciplines. A select number of scholarships within certain disciplines are available for application by students who are applying for admission to a College of Design program.

The more than 110 scholarships in our college have been made possible by donations from private parties, both individuals and business organizations. Many are provided by alumni who have been moved to give back, and who want to be part of helping to support students today as they earn their own degrees.

Check with the administrative staff in your school and with the Student Services office in 105 Lawrence Hall in Eugene to learn more about what scholarships are currently available.

Graduate Funding is significantly less available for those who apply to the late admissions cycle than for those who apply to the regular admissions cycle.