Concurrent Masters Degree: Architecture to Interior Architecture

Degree Overview

Students currently enrolled in either the architecture or interior architecture graduate programs may meet with their advisor to request to enroll in a concurrent master’s degree option that provides an accelerated path toward attaining two accredited professional degrees: the master of interior architecture (CIDA accredited) and a master of architecture (NAAB accredited).

Students without advanced placement who are required to complete fourteen studios can finish the concurrent degrees in a minimum of four years. This timeline includes one additional 584-level summer studio.

Graduate students with advanced placement can adapt the sample curricula to their special circumstances, resulting in a 10-studio minimum. A separate application procedure will be determined.

Degree Requirements (188 Credits)

  • Architectural Design (Studios): 14 courses, 92 credits
    • ​3 Introductory Studios (ARCH 680: Introductory Graduate Design, ARCH 681: Introductory Graduate Design, ARCH 682: Introductory Graduate Design)
    • 3 Intemediate ARCH Studios
    • 3 Intermediate IARC Studios
    • 1 Furniture Studio
    • 2 Advanced ARCH Studios
    • 2 Advanced IARC Studios

The Graduate School requires a minimum of 45 graduate credits in each program of which 30 are in the major and 9 at 600.

Architecture to Interior Architecture Degree Requirements