Apply for a Bachelor of Interior Architecture

New UO Students for the Fall Term

New UO students (students who have never attended or matriculated to the UO) must submit the UO admissions application for the fall term and any required supplemental information by the required fall term departmental deadlines. The option to apply to Interior Architecture as a new UO student is only available on the UO application for the fall term. This means that students who apply to the university during any other term will not have the ability to be considered for admission to the BIArch program. The option to apply to the program is NOT available on the winter, spring, or summer term UO application.

The departmental deadlines for the UO application and supporting documents are similar to those listed with UO Admissions.

Freshmen Departmental Deadlines for the Fall Term UO Application:

  • Early Action Deadline: November 1
    • Supporting Documents Deadline: November 15
  • University Application: January 15
    • Supporting Documents Deadline: February 15

Transfer Departmental Deadlines for the Fall Term UO Application:

  • Priority Deadline: March 15

Although transfer students can apply to the University of Oregon every term, the Department of Interior Architecture program review will only occur for completed fall term transfer applications received by March 15 (the university’s Transfer Early Notification Deadline). Students seeking advanced placement need to apply and confirm supporting documents with UO Admissions by this date. Visit the Prospective Transfer Student page for more detailed information regarding the admissions and credit evaluation process and timeline. 

Application Process

By selecting a Bachelor of Interior Architecture on the University of Oregon application for the fall term, applicants will gain access to the portion of the application that includes a place to provide two statements of interest responses and a website link to a portfolio of creative work.

Statements of Interest (Required)

You will have the opportunity to provide two (2) brief essay responses describing your interests and experiences on the UO application. These statements are required when choosing to apply to the major. Strong responses will describe why there is interest and what is of interest with specificity that reflects awareness of the profession or the creative process. The essay prompts are below: 

  • Describe your engagement with an experience, activity, or creative project (as in art, construction, or craft, etc.) that has influenced your interest in design. What did you learn from this experience? 350 word limit.  
  • Why have you decided to study architecture? Please expand on relevant experiences and motivations that have shaped your desire to major in architecture. 350 word limit.  

Portfolio (Optional, but strongly encouraged)

A portfolio submission is strongly encouraged, but not required for students applying to Interior Architecture on the UO application. If you do submit a portfolio, please include projects that will give us a sense of your creative potential. Strong portfolios will demonstrate one or more of the following qualities: focused exploration; skill development over time; competency across a range of media; excellent craft; conceptual thinking guiding the creative process. Observational drawing, painting, fabric arts, photography, woodworking, sculpture, or other 2-D and 3-D media are welcome. Architectural drawings are not necessary and, if included, should be used to show design and creativity, not just drafting skills. However, transfer applicants who have previous collegiate studio experience are encouraged to submit examples of past work. 

Two (2) Review Processes:

There are two phases of review for applicants who want to pursue a major in interior architecture at the University of Oregon:

  1. UO Admission completes its review of applicants for acceptance to the University of Oregon (UO)
  2. Applicants who have been extended an acceptance offer to the UO by UO Admissions are then forwarded to the Department of Interior Architecture for a second review by the department to be considered for admission to the program as an Interior Architecture major. If you are admitted to the University and have indicated that you want to major in Interior Architecture, your UO application will be forwarded to departmental review automatically

Two (2) Admission Notifications:

There are two admission decision notifications sent to applicants:

  1. Applicants will first receive a UO decision notification from UO Admissions specific to admission to the University of Oregon
  2. Applicants will later receive a second, SEPARATE, admission decision notification specific to admission to the Department of Interior Architecture
  3. Some applicants may receive a wait-listed notification with their application review

Departmental Admission Notifications:

Applicants who met the departmental deadlines for submitting the UO application and supporting documents can expect to receive a separate email notification from UO Admissions regarding admission to the interior architecture major as noted below:  

  • Early Action applicants will typically receive a departmental decision by the end of December
  • Regular fall applicants will typically receive a departmental decision by end of April
  • Transfer applicants will typically receive a departmental decision by the end of May
  • Wait-listed applicants will typically receive a departmental decision by the end of June

To check on the status of departmental notifications, contact UO Admissions at

More information about admissions can be found at UO Admissions.

Questions? Contact UO Admissions

Students who have attended and matriculated to the UO in any term are no longer considered “New UO Students” by UO Admissions and need to refer to the departmental winter term application instructions below for current UO students.

Current UO Students for the Winter Term (space available program)

  • Application Available: October 1, 2024
  • Departmental Application Fee: $25 USD
  • Priority Application Deadline: October 25, 2024
  • Application Decision: November 15, 2024

(Note: If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the following business day.)

Current UO undergraduate students or recent admits who matriculate to the UO in the fall of 2023 can apply for the Bachelor of Interior Architecture program with a prerequisite of having taken or are taking ARCH 201 OR IARC 204 with passing grades. 

The Department of Interior Architecture offers a professional bachelor‘s degree. While this degree is typically completed in 5 years, applicants should note that their completion timeline may depend upon previous coursework taken. We strongly encourage students to meet with an academic advisor if they are considering applying for the Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture program to go over their potential academic path.  Admissions requirements for the Bachelor of Interior Architecture (B.IArc) program reflect the focused, professional nature of the curriculum. Applicants need to present evidence of their creative ability and commitment to the field, in addition to having strong academic credentials. To apply, applicants must be admitted as current students taking classes at the University of Oregon (UO). 

Application Process

Bachelor of Interior Architecture via SlideRoom

  • Application Questions: Please refer to the departmental application for details.
  • Resume: Required.
  • Transcripts: Please upload a single copy of all of your transcripts to the departmental application.
  • Recommendations: Please provide the contact information for at least 1 non-family member who can serve as a reference for your creative ability and potential to succeed in this program.
  • Portfolio: Optional, but strongly encouraged. For tips, contact

Need help with your SlideRoom application? Visit the SlideRoom Applicant Help Center.

For questions about the application, please contact the department at