Prospective BArch Transfer Students

We are excited that you are interested in continuing your studies with us at the University of Oregon Department of Architecture. Prospective transfer students seeking to pursue a five-year Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) degree may refer to this page for essential information regarding admission and advising.

Application Process and Deadline

The Department of Architecture does not have a separate departmental application for transfer students who would like to apply to the Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) program. Instead, you can indicate that you would like to be considered for program admission directly on your UO application. Please note that the option to apply to the BArch program is only available on the university application for the fall term. This option is NOT available on the winter, spring, or summer term UO application. This means that transfer students who apply to the university during any other term will not have the ability to be considered for admission to the BArch program. The application deadline for admission to the BArch program is the university’s fall transfer student priority deadline of March 15 with supporting documents due April 15Send transcripts to the UO by April 15 even if you have winter term courses in-progress.

During the application process, you will have the opportunity to provide two (2) statements describing your interests and experiences and, optionally, to share examples of your creative work. A portfolio is not required but strongly encouraged, for application to the BArch program. However, for students with prior architectural courses, including samples of design or visual communication coursework at the time of application, is highly recommended.

Transfer students who have completed prior architectural coursework and who are seeking advanced placement in the course sequence need to meet the March 15 application and the April 15 supporting documents deadlines. These applicants are assured that they will receive a program admission decision, and if admitted, will also receive the necessary course equivalency evaluations to begin the BArch program with advanced placement (where applicable) in the fall term. Therefore, transfer applicants should send all their college or university transcripts to UO Admissions in preparation for the transfer course evaluation process.

Department of Architecture Transcript Evaluation Process and Timeline

Determining what credit you will receive for prior coursework is a two-phase process. The first phase occurs at the university level to determine which credits will become transferable. For additional information about how credits from previous institutions will transfer to the University of Oregon and what you can do to track that process, visit:

The second phase of the process occurs at the department level to determine how UO-approved transferrable credits will be used to waive specific course requirements in the BArch curriculum. This course equivalency process requires your input and action. The timeline below describes the process in detail.

March 15 Deadline to submit UO application for BArch program consideration (UO priority application deadline)
April 15 UO deadline for supporting documents
By May Notification of university admission decision
Mid-May Notification of departmental admission decision. Transfer students who have been admitted to the BArch program receive a follow-up email notifying them that their course equivalency evaluation is underway and to expect a second notice that will require action on their part.
End of May

Transfer students receive their proposed SAE (School of Architecture & Environment) Transcript Evaluation Form and a deadline with instructions for submitting syllabi and/or examples of work from their previous institution.

The proposed SAE Transcript Evaluation Form lists which classes from their previous institution might be used to waive specific course requirements in the UO BArch program. It also notes if those classes require additional information to be submitted for review or if it’s unnecessary.

June-Aug 15 Students gather requested information. During this time, students are also able to request the review of additional or different courses to be waived than those proposed on the SAE Transcript Evaluation Form. This typically happens when there are new grades available for consideration in courses that were only in progress at the time of application.
August 15 Deadline for submitting the requested syllabi, student work examples, and requests for additional course waivers. Although the deadline for submission is August 15, students are encouraged to submit this content as soon as possible to return an earlier determination. This course information (syllabi, student work examples, etc.) should be submitted all at once in a single email.
Early September

Transfer students receive their final SAE Transcript Evaluation Form documenting final determinations on course equivalencies.

September Students meet with College of Design academic advisors to confirm their course plan for the fall term during the Transfer Student Introduction event.