Department of Architecture Workspaces and Tools

Design Studios

students at work in design studios

Architecture students enroll in a number of design studios each year of study. Design studios are intensive, small environment courses where students practice architectural design, and incorporate the subject area knowledge gained in other courses. All students enrolled in studios are assigned their own workstation within a space dedicated to their studio group, and available for use at all hours of the day. Students will reside at these workstations for the duration of the term of their assigned studio. The studio sequence begins with studios that introduce the design process, followed by intermediate studios that address a variety of design topics. The final two quarters of the professional degree programs are dedicated to a single comprehensive design project.


students at work in Millrace Woodshop


The woodshop is a complete fabrication facility used by students in furniture design courses. The facility has hand tools, power equipment, and space for building projects of multiple scales. The open shop environment has been created to provide a safe, and professionally supervised space in which students can create high-quality projects, while learning skills that further prepare them to excel in their chosen careers. The Woodshop is located in the Millrace/North site complex across Franklin Boulevard from Lawrence Hall, just north of the Urban Farm. Students can access by bicycle or on foot.

Woodshop Tools & Equipment

The Techno RG Series 5996 CNC router table is a 3 axis machine capable of milling stock with a maximum dimension of 59″ wide x 96″ long x 6″ tall. A 4th axis tool with a maximum stock diameter of 6″ is also available.

The Rowland MDX-40 CNC bench top mill provides designers with a powerful 3D milling device. The MDX-40 produces highly accurate prototypes from a wide variety of materials with great precision and excellent surface finish. The working volume of the table is 12" x 12" x 4".

studio shop

Studio Shop

The Studio Shop is a tools resource for students currently enrolled in School of Architecture and Environment courses. The “open shop” environment has been created to provide a safe, and professionally supervised space; in which students can create high-quality projects, while learning skills that further prepare them to excel in their chosen careers. The shop can be used for building models, cutting designs on the laser cutters into plastics or wood, or metals. The studio shop is located in 185 Lawrence Hall.

Studio Shop Tools & Equipment


UNIVERSAL VersaLASER VLS 6.60 ‐ 32”x18” work table. Lasers are available to currently registered College of Design students for studio and class relevant projects. VersaLASER platform series processes multiple materials and diverse applications with speed, detail and accuracy. Available in three platform sizes, the VersaLASER VLS6.60 delivers laser power up to 60 watts with a work area of 32"x18". The VersaLASER systems utilize Universal’s patented Rapid Reconfiguration™ technology, which enables customers to change laser power within seconds and without tools. The VersaLASER platform series is designed with seamless integration of Universal’s CO2 laser, laser system and advanced Laser Interface+™ materials-based Windows print driver that optimizes the customer’s workflow process, improves operation efficiencies and expands customized application offerings.

In addition to lasers, the studio shop offers:

  • Powermatic 14” woodworking Band Saw Model PWBS14
  • Dewalt DW716 12″ double bevel
  • SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw
  • Router Combo Packs
  • Jet JDP 17DX 17” Drill Press
  • Powermatic 15” Planer – Model 15HH
  • Powermatic 8” Jointer – Model 60HH
  • Delta 40-694 20″ scroll saw
  • Dewalt DW717 sliding compound
  • JSG-96CS, 6″ x 48″ Belt / 9″ Disc Sander with Closed Stand, 3/4HP 1Ph, 115V
  • Premium Router Quick-Lift 420
  • Pinnacle RF-3 Router Table Kit with 28-1/8-inch; x 43-1/4-inch Top And Porter-Cable 7518 Insert
  • JOVS-10, Floor Model Oscillating Spindle Sander, 1Hp, 1Ph, 115V
  • Miscellaneous Hand Tools and Clamps

Baker Lighting Lab

Baker Lighting Lab

The Baker Lighting Lab enables the study of light and color in architecture, by providing for measurement and analysis of existing buildings and proposed daylighting and electric lighting design in new buildings. The lab enriches existing coursework by providing equipment and a facility for investigating new ideas. Students utilize the wide variety of equipment available to test, monitor, and analyze both case studies of existing buildings as well as their own lighting designs and building models.

The Baker Lighting Lab is inclusive, being available to any faculty member and or student who has an interest in pursuing the study of light in architecture. It provides support and opportunity for the exploration of light design ideas. We encourage you to learn more about the opportunities available through the Baker Lighting Lab. Become involved with the Lab’s activities and engage in the study and research of lighting design!

Baker Lab Tools & Equipment

Site and Solar Analysis Tools

  • Pilkington Sun Chart
  • Sun Peg Chart
  • Solmetric Sun Eye
  • Suunto Global Compass and Altimeter
  • Solar Pathfinder
  • Solar Transit
  • Heliodon
  • Bowling Ball Heliodon
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • Kestrel Weather Meter

Environmental Conditions + Thermal Comfort

  • Hobo U12 Datalogger
  • Hobo Weatherproof Pendant Datalogger
  • Solar Radiation Shield
  • Sling Psychrometer
  • Vaisala Humidity and Temperature Meter
  • Raytek Temperature Gun and Mini Temp Gun

Audio Analysis

  • Sound Meter

Lighting Evaluation Tools

  • Marietta‘s Wall
  • Heliodon
  • Minolta Illuminance + Luminance + Chroma Meter
  • LiCor Photometer
  • Sylvania Light Meter
  • Minolta Chroma Meter
  • Bowling Ball Heliodon
  • Artificial Sky

Electricity and Energy Monitoring

  • Fluke 80 Series III Multimeter
  • Kill-a-Watt
  • Minneapolis Blower Door System
  • Heat Flux Transducer


students at work

White Stag Block

Architecture students use studio space in the White Stag Block and have access to shops and labs in nearby spaces. The building features state-of-the-art technology, light-filled workspaces, a curated art and design library, and exhibition areas. Students have their own individual studio space, with nearby output room and classrooms for lectures.

Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab in the White Stag Building is used as an additional prototyping space and a digital fabrication facility for students at the UO in Portland. In the Fab Lab and woodshop, shop personnel guide students in woodworking, model-building, and safety procedures. Students can create experimental prototypes and combine high-tech digital modeling with traditional craft processes.

The following tools and spaces are available for use:


During operating hours, the woodshop is accessible without appointment. Patrons must complete the basic safety orientation before working in the facility. A variety of hand and power tools are available to use within the facility, but patrons must supply their own consumables (e.g. materials, fasteners, adhesives, tape, sanding paper, etc.) Equipment is not available to be checked out and may only be used within the shop.

Spray Booth

The spray booth is located near the entrance to the woodshop and remains accessible at all hours.

Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab is available during operating hours by appointment. The facility supports two laser cutters, a 3D printer, and two CNC cutters. Patrons who have been verified to safely operate equipment may reserve timeslots using the appointment calendar.

Laser Cutting

Universal ILS 9.150D
100 watts

Universal VLS 4.60
50 watts

The laser cutters may be used by appointment only.