Architecture Technology and Materials Requirements

Computer Requirements

Students enrolled in the Department of Architecture are required to own a personal laptop computer, external monitor, external hard drive, external mouse, and software programs to assist with their studies. Laptops may be either a PC model from vendors such as Dell/Lenovo/Hewlett Packard or a MacBook Pro model from Apple. Students using Apple computers are also required to purchase a Windows license and install it via Bootcamp because required software such as Revit and Rhino require Windows.

Because of the professional application of complex graphic programs and very large data files for most course work, the department's computer requirements exceed the average user’s computing needs.

College of Design Technology Services provides information on recommended and supported systems in their Student Computer Purchasing Guide.

Financial Assistance

We encourage all students required to buy a computer to return a "Plan to Purchase" form to the Office of Financial Aid. You can find this form in the Student Computer Purchasing Guide on the College of Design Technology Services blog. Forms are also available in your department office. The computer requirement may increase your financial aid eligibility. If you are not eligible for financial aid but need to borrow money in order to purchase your computer, you are encouraged to discuss loan possibilities with a financial aid counselor.

  1. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 1-800-760-6953 or 541-346-3221. Students who are normally not eligible for financial aid may qualify with the additional cost of the required computer equipment.
  2. Consumer loans are available through banks and credit unions.
  3. Leasing options are available through some computer retailers.
  4. Apple offers income/credit based loans to qualified purchasers. There is no charge for pre-approval. Call the Apple Loan Program at 1-800-277-5356.

Studio Supply Costs

We estimate that architecture students will spend approximately $1,100 per year in studio supplies.

  • Studio supplies should average $450-$550 per studio (undergraduates take two studios per year).
  • Initial start-up costs range from $440 to $600, depending upon type of equipment purchased. Beginning design students are encouraged to follow this required tools guide.