Architecture Technology and Materials Requirements

The School of Architecture & Environment promotes the use of Microsoft Windows-based computers in order to prepare students to work in industries that maintain predominantly Windows-based environments. Much of the software used in architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture is Windows-centric. Though there are solutions for running Windows on Apple hardware, these solutions are non-standard and therefore are not well supported. 

Likewise, students wishing to use desktop computers may also find themselves at a disadvantage, as architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture courses are extremely dynamic and challenging, and often require the flexibility provided by a laptop computer. 

Laptop Buying Guide


  • Laptop is required (a desktop or monitor can be added later) 

  • A PC running Windows without virtualization  


  • Recommended screen size: 15 inches 

  • Screen resolution: Minimum FHD (2K), recommended QHD (2.5K) or above 

  • An additional external display is recommended 

Graphic Card (GPU)

  • Required discreet GPU (NVIDIA or AMD) 

  • NVIDIA ‘GeForce’ series – Min. NVIDIA RTX 3050-3060, recommended 3070 or above 

  • NVIDIA ‘A’ series – Min. NVIDIA RTX A2000, recommended A3000 or above 

  • AMD RADEON ‘RX’ series – Min. Radeon RX 5600M, recommended RX 5700M or above 


  • Minimum 16 gigabytes of RAM 

  • Recommended 32GB 


  • Minimum 500 gigabyte Solid State Drive (SSD) 

  • Recommended 1TB-2TB 


  • Intel or AMD Ryzen 

  • Any CPU required to run with the above specs will be OK 


  • Required 


  • Required 

Webcam and Microphone 

  • Recommended, but not required