Aalto | Light: the 2022 Reynolds Symposium Starts this Friday

The Mt. Angel Library is the location for this year's Reynolds Symposium.

In an Oregonian article on Sunday, May 15, 2022, associate professor emerita Virginia Cartwright had the chance to talk with a reporter about the unique features of mid-century modernist Alvar Aalto’s Library at Mount Angel Abbey.

Learn more about this masterwork in Friday, May 20, 2022, at Aalto | Light: the 2022 Reynolds Symposium.  Friday’s lectures will feature two Finnish experts: Prof. Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, author of Alvar Aalto Libraries, and photographer Jari Jetsonen, who has mounted numerous exhibits about Aalto’s architecture.  

The lectures, followed by a reception, will take place at Nordia House, 8800 SW Oleson Road, Portland.  Admission tickets are $40 and students can request free admission on a space-available basis. 

Register for the Reynold's Symposium at http://reynoldssymposium.uoregon.edu

For more information about the unique features of Alvar Aalto's Library, read on at How Oregon monastery Mount Angel Abbey became home to an architectural masterpiece (Oregonian subscription required) or with a pdf version.

For more information about the Mount Angel Abbey, read on at At Mount Angel Abbey, spiritual reflection and secular attractions coexist harmoniously.