Architecture professor teams up with manufacturer to assess building performance

Saint-Gobain, a manufacturer of sustainable building products, is partnering with Associate Professor Ihab Elzeyadi, who directs the UO’s HiPE lab, to assess the impact of building design on occupant experience, measuring factors such as indoor air quality and thermal, acoustical, and visual comfort. The test site is Saint-Gobain’s new headquarters, which was designed to function as a “living laboratory” where the performance of its products can be measured and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Saint-Gobain plans to have complete results by early 2017.

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Ihab Elzeyadi and solar awnings
Above: Associate Professor Ihab Elzeyadi examines the SolarAwning™ 3-in-1 system showing indoor LED luminaire, Daylighting Reflector, and PV Shade. Photo by Gregg Kleiner.