Profile picture of Donald Corner

Donald Corner

Phone: 541-346-3614
Office: 262 Onyx Bridge
City: Eugene

BA, 1970, Dartmouth
MArch, 1974, California, Berkeley

Registered Architect: Massachusetts. (1979)

Professor Corner's principal interests are in materials and construction technology as generators of physical form in contemporary and historical contexts. He has done work in production technologies of affordable housing, particularly the design and manufacture of prototypes which facilitate owner-building and that can be independently developed in rural settings.

He is the principal designer of a new complex of student housing for the University of Oregon, which utilized a range of prefabricated production technologies. He has also carried out architectural projects in the historic contexts of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Corner is the director of the Center for Housing Innovation and teaches courses in construction and structures, in addition to architectural design at intermediate and advanced levels.