Pietro Belluschi Distinguished Visiting Professorship

The Pietro Belluschi Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Architectural Design was created at the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts in 1993 as a perpetually endowed fund to foster and promote education in architectural design. Pietro Belluschi (1899–1994), one of the most notable architects in Oregon, was best known for establishing a Northwest regional style. The endowment supports a short-term appointment for a prominent architect to teach and lecture.

Pietro Belluschi’s work was widely published in the 1950's and 60's and he became the most widely known of any architect or artist of Oregon.  He influenced both domestic and religious architecture of the country for more than a quarter century and, indeed, continues to inspire and instruct architects today. 

Belluschi’s built legacy remains a strong, clear and significant body of work whose qualities demonstrate his genius for form, light and the use of natural materials.  His work, in Oregon and elsewhere, is marked by integrity, discipline and rigor, and is a lasting testimony to his humanity, his sensitivity and his celebration of the human spirit.

Pietro Belluschi Visiting Professors

Gonzalo Alonso, 2021-22
Craig Wilkins, 2020-21
Mick Pearce, 2016-2017 (winter 2017)
William Leddy, FAIA, and Marsha Maytum, FAIA, 2015-16 (fall 2015)
Tine Hegli, 2014-2015 (winter 2015)
Johnpaul Jones, FAIA, 2011
Edward Ford, 2010
David Cook, 2010
Michael Pyatok, FAIA, 2009
Will Bruder, 2008
David E. Miller, FAIA, 2007
Robert Frasca, FAIA, 2006
Jo Noero, 2004
Annette LeCuyer and Brian Carter, 2002
Carlos Jiménez, 2000
James Cutler, FAIA, 1999
Laura Hartman, 1998
Edward Allen, FAIA, 1997
Thomas Bosworth, FAIA, 1996
Colin Rowe, FRIBA, Inaugural Lecture, 1995