Department of Architecture Graduate Academic Advising

All new graduate students receive advising prior to the start of their first term.

Students are responsible for seeking out advice from their advisor. It is recommended that students keep a record of advising sessions and always obtain a Program Degree Check to take with them to advising sessions. Students should meet with the advisor at least once per year.

Throughout the term and at exit interviews, studio instructors act as an informal advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Advising Transcript?
The advising transcript is a list of the courses completed at the UO and is accessed through DuckWeb.

What is a Program Degree Check?
The department tracks the progress of each student. Students can obtain a copy of their Program Degree Check by contacting the student services manager in the Department of Architecture office.

Will I get the classes I need for my program?
The department keeps close track of how many graduate students are in the program, where they are in the program and what the class demand is. This tracking allows the department to plan course offerings allowing most students get the classes they need in order to complete their programs on time.