Concurrent Master's Degrees

Recipients of concurrent degrees in architecture or interior architecture graduate as skilled designers who are able to engage in a variety of broad and specific issues, such as composition of sites and spaces, detail and materiality, sustainability, environmental analysis, and collaborative processes.

Students currently enrolled in the architecture or interior architecture master’s programs may meet with their advisor to request to enroll in a concurrent master’s degree option that provides an accelerated path toward attaining a second accredited professional degree in interior architecture (CIDA accredited) or architecture (NAAB accredited). Other graduate students in one of these programs who are interested in one of these disciplines have opportunities to take selected coursework in another discipline.

The university’s concurrent degree opportunities enable students to complete course/studio credits for one master’s degree and also complete the remaining credits for the second degree with some overlapping courses, resulting in the awarding of the two degrees. Students apply to one degree first (MArch or MIArch), before applying to the second master’s program. There are also opportunities to earn concurrent master’s degrees in other fields not mentioned here.

A student may begin as an architecture or interior architecture student.

The curriculum provides a clear path for graduate students in the School of Architecture & Environment. Students without advanced placement who are required to complete 14 studios can finish the concurrent degrees in a minimum of four years. This timeline includes summer coursework. Graduate students with advanced placement can adapt the sample curricula to their special circumstances, resulting in a 10-studio minimum. A separate application procedure will be determined.